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Important information for those wishing to accommodate or support people currently arriving in Switzerland from Ukraine

EVAM is mandated by the Vaud State Council to ensure the reception of people who have fled the Ukrainian crisis and who require assistance.

  • How should new arrivals act upon their arrival?

  1. People coming from Ukraine must register with one of the Federal Centers (CFA) no later than 90 days after their arrival in Switzerland. For that :

    • If the applicant already has accommodation, they must make an appointment online with the CFA in filling out the formavailable on the SEM website, and sending it to the email address indicated on the form. Upon receipt, he will receive by email a summons to the CFA, as well as a certificate of coverage of his medical expenses.

    • If the applicant does not have accommodation, he can go to the CFA of his choice where he will be registered and accommodated.

    • List of federal centers for asylum seekers (CFA):
      CFA de Boudry – Rue de l’Hôpital 60, 2017 Boudry – Tel: +41 58 465 03 03 / Hotline: +41 58 465 03 03

      CFA Bern – Morillonstrasse 75, 3007 Bern – Tel: +41 58 465 75 80 / Hotline: +41 58 465 75 80

      CFA Basel – Freiburgerstrasse 50, 4057 Basel – Tel: +41 58 482 12 82 / Hotline: +41 58 482 12 82

      CFA of Chiasso – Via Milano 23, 6830 Chiasso – Tel: +41 58 466 70 10 / Hotline: +41 58 482 12 82

      CFA de Atstätten – Bleichemühlistrasse 6, 9450 Altstätten – Tel: +41 58 480 49 50 / Hotline: +41 58 480 49 50

      CFA Zurich – Duttweilerstrasse 11, 8005 Zurich – Tel: +41 58 480 14 80 / Hotline: +41 58 480 14 80

  2. If, while waiting for the day of his summons to the CFA, the applicant needs material assistance, he can register with the Population service (SPOP) – VD.CH to obtain a temporary aid decision. Following this registration, these migrants will then be directed within the EVAM in order to receive financial assistance, social support and various aids (health insurance, school registration, etc.) according to their situation and their needs.

  3. The owners or tenants of the property may, on request and subject to the signing of a lease or sublease contract concluded within the framework of the accommodation standards, receive a package including charges up to the standards assigned by the 'EVAM. This package will be given to the migrant directly (in addition to their financial assistance). In this case, please contact:

  4. In the event that the landlord can no longer accommodate migrants in his/her home, they will have to go to EVAM to seek accommodation (collective structures, etc. depending on their situation and capacity).

  • I would like to host someone in my home that I don't know yet

  1. You would like to welcome one or more people into your home. We will process your requests as soon as possible. However, we would like to point out that migrants will initially be assigned to a group home in order to receive the assistance necessary for an initial reception (assessment of the situation) before being redirected to individualized accommodation.

  2. You will also find other additional information on our page dedicated to the project;“Hosting a Migrant”.

  3. For logistical reasons, it is strongly recommended: 

    • To be able to commit to a period of 6 months.

    • Living close to public transport is also an important criterion for us and will make life easier for those arriving.

You can contact us by email at:

A telephone line will also be open soon to answer your questions.

  • I have an apartment to make available to EVAM

If you have a property (apartment, rooms to rent, etc.) and would like to make it available to EVAM, please contact the EVAM Placement department at the following address:

  • I have a structure intended for collective accommodation (foyer type etc.) to rent/offer

If your offer concerns a structure with between 50 and 100 accommodation places to rent, sell, etc. (hotel, EMS, etc.), please contact real

  • I would like to volunteer to help migrants

If you would like to help with time or donations, we will do our best to direct you to the various support associations. In the meantime, please contact We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

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