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In Switzerland, it is important to train.
Training helps you live in Switzerland and find a job.
To train is to learn something new.

Train at EVAM

EVAM provides basic training.

Basic training helps you to live in Switzerland.

For example :

  • Learn French

  • Learn mathematics

  • Learn computer science

EVAM also provides pre-professional training.

Pre-professional training helps you find a job or do an apprenticeship in Switzerland.

For example :

  • Learn the job of a chef

  • Learn the work of a painter

  • Learn the job of cleaner

  • Learn server work

  • Learn the work of a healthcare assistant

Do you want to train at EVAM?

So click here: train at EVAM.

Train at EVAM


Train in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are many different training courses.

For example :

  • Apprenticeships (CFC, AFP)

  • The university

To do training in Switzerland, you must speak French well.
You also have to take tests.

Do you already speak French and want to do training in Switzerland?
So click on the buttonTrain in Switzerland.

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